i am in great need help to all of you here please:

I downloaded free online the A4tech webcam because i lost mine unfortunately it was not successfully done. When i try to removed it didn't work yet it shows >setupdll\setupdll.cpp(499)$7.0100.342@Window XP Service Pack(2600)BT_OTHER 0.64 i tried to research about this then i found out it here the instruction given someone (sorry i forgot the name)

here the instruction i read:

If you continue to get this error do the following to uninstall Professional 7 Beta:

1) Delete folder:

\program files\InstallShield Installation Information\{77AB941D-5876-11D4-A4A2-006067620F66}

2) go to registry using regedit.exe and delete the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall\{77ab941d-5876-11d4-a4a2-006067620f66}

3) Delete the \program files\installshield\professional 7 (or professional 7.0) folder.

4) Delete the \program files\common files\installshield\professional folder

5) Reboot, then try installing the full version.

Now my problem is i can't find the number #1 that has the same figures or a word of information\{77AB941D-5876-11D4-A4A2-006067620F66}

and i can't delete in the number #2 then because its pissing me off i delete the Instalshield in registry and i could no longer see it.. i found out that A4tech was in the storage device beside floopydrive. I can't delete...i have the cd installer already but this all things went wrong..how can i remove and successfully install the A4tech. Please...

I honestly joined this forum because i badly need help here: Please help me...