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  • Newbee NEED HELP

    Hi Everyone, Just joined your forum. I am 62 and retired and not highly knowledgable about computers. I tried the other day to play a DVD and view it on my computer LCD monitor and got a message that told me becuase of copywrite I could not view the DVD with the RGB connection. OK, I will now start copying my movies becuase I've been told that with a download I can copy and remove that crap. My computer just has a DVD rom. Office Max has an Internal CD-RW Drive on sale right now for $19.99. Do I just replace my DVD Rom with this? I have changed my DVD Rom, so can do this. Then do I connect my DVD player to computer with serial port and go at it? Also I see blank Cd's are different. What do I get? By the way, I don't just want to play a movie in the computer to watch it. My player is actually an HDTV reciever with built in DVD player and produces an excellant picture. That is what I want to use. Thanks Bill

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    you would be better off rather than usin a cdrw, investing a little more and getting a dual (+-) format dvd writer ot6herwise you are going to have terrible trouble compressing movies onto cd. You can pick one of these up now for about Ј40 and just replace your cd player/ dvd rom with it.

    Probably the firmware on your dvd rom needs upgrading to be able to use it to play all regions of dvd. Be careful when you do this as you can render your dvd rom unusable.
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