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  • A new PC for me

    Hi all i want to buy a new PC for around 1000 and i want to know if its good

    XFX GF7800 GT Extreme Gamer (Lite Retail, TV-Out, Video-In, 2x DVI)
    MDT DIMM 1 GB Kit (DDR400, double sided)
    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (OPGA, "San Diego")
    Thermaltake Big Typhoon
    DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D (Sound, 2x G-LAN, Firewire, SATA RAID II)
    Chieftec Mesh Series (black/silver)
    Western Digital Caviar SE WD2000JD Harddrive
    NEC ND-3540A (Bulk) Burner
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    Looks very good. although...
    ram... i'd either go corsair or ocz high performance ram.
    and cpu... look for the 939 opterons... they're like the SD's but better at overclocking cause they're higher grade silicon.

    Be aware that DFI requires a native 24pin PSU (recommend OCZ powerstream 520) do not go generic crap on the PSU... will be the worst thing you ever did if u do (trust me... i did and it ended up costing more cause i went out and bought a better psu)
    Athlon X2 3800
    2gb DDR400
    6800nu -> 16x6
    2x160 SATA Raid, 160gb + 80gb + 80gb IDE


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      thx but what is PSU ?
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        Originally Posted by chaosuser
        thx but what is PSU ?
        PSU is a Power supply.


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          A ok yeah i know that

          How many Watt i should have ?

          I want to buy a 400 Watt PSU....
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            i'm not sure if thatd be enough...should double check wut the recommended psu for ur graphic card...coz i think with the card u r gettin' ud be safer with 500+
            Athlon64 3000+@2.6GH, DFI NF4 Ultra-D, 1.0G OCZ(2-3-2-5), Asus Radeon X800XL


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              aspexx is right, i have a bfg tech 7800 gt and the minimum recommended power supply is a 400 watt. So you would be better off getting a 500 watt power supply to be on the safe side. The antec power supplies are good quality stabe ones and are highly recommended. That is what i use.