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my d drive is gone

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  • my d drive is gone

    hi i have a presario 5062. just upgraded from windows 98 to 98se. shortly after the upgrade my cd rom went out. so i purchased a new one and installed it but my computer wouldnt detect it. so i took the cd rom out and saw that it was jumpered to slave. the old cd rom was jumpered to master so i fixed that. but now when the new cd rom is connected my computer will power but only stay at the Compaq logo with a blinking line in the top left corner. also the power light on the cd rom dosent light up. i am really stuck on this one. any help at all would be greatly apprishiated. thank you.
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    get xp


    first i want to say that you probrably never had the problem if you were using windows xp.

    But you can try the following for 98.

    try to set the jumper from your cdrom to CS > Cable Select
    i think you should also check the bios for your primairy master/slave and secondary master/slave

    if this doesn't work try to flash your bios with new firmware

    finally rip al your hard drives out except the one with your OS.