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  • Att Star Force Staff

    I know you hang about here and often make crap posts but i would love your reaction to this that i found posted on another site.

    To everyone concerns StarForce protection

    I am working for one company manufacturing hardware devices for limited market. I decided to post about StarForce because some of our customers did complain about problems related to drivers installed by this copy protection. Our devices systematically failed when some StarForce protected application was running and some virtual drive application was present.

    Our engineers investigated this issue and found that StarForce sends request to storage devices at high interrupt level (IRQL = 2) and completely freezes execution of all system threads and timers for times up to 3 seconds - they keep this IRQL and do not release it. All this is in multitasking OS!

    Our device may get some important interrupts when StarForce protected application is running and it may require to do some processing after timer callback, but system is completely frozen and our device severely fails.

    We understand that Windows is not real-time operating system but such behaviour of application in multitasking OS is not acceptable!.

    Every device driver professional can read this page:
    Get the latest Windows Hardware Development Kit (Windows HDK) for Windows 10 and start developing Universal Windows drivers, and testing and deploying Windows 10. Learn how to design hardware that uses the latest features, explore 3D printing, and get updates on WinHEC workshops and events.

    Here is quote from there:

    DPCs and ISRs run at an elevated interrupt request level, or IRQL (DISPATCH_LEVEL and device IRQL, respectively.

    A driver that spends too much time in its DPCs and ISRs prevents the system from servicing threads, which degrades overall system performance.

    The Microsoft Windows Vista Logo Program requires that:
    * An ISR does not run longer than 25 microseconds.
    * DPC does not run longer than 100 microseconds.

    StarForce driver holds system on DPC level for 3 seconds (3,000,000 microseconds)!

    We do not know why they do such dirty tricks literally "raping" user's system - maybe they fight against some other software - but such operation methods are pure overkill. They definitely chose wrong platform for their protection:

    except StarForce application there are many others running in Windows OS, seems they forget it!

    We visited their offical home page ( and with big surprise found that "StarForce FrontLine Driver passed "CERTIFIED FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA" tests. So our logical question is: who and how makes these tests? And how such nasty behaviour inside multitasking OS allows them to become "MICROSOFT CERTIFIED" and get Windows Vista Logos? We strongly doubt that people involved there are professionals (both those who write such bogus drives and those who test them).

    Their forum is not existing, so I decided to post here and in some other forums to let community know what is happening in reality.

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    I also read that post, but I don't think anyone at Starforce cares. They have proven enough that all they care about is to make their protection work AT ALL COSTS, even if it means screwing up some systems completely.


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      Well, I should say that it is extremely selfish.

      Perhaps this can be complained to Microsoft since the certificate is issued by it.

      In addition, games which use StarForce and get a Windows certificate are involved. Microsoft should check them if complaints are received.


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        I just sent an email to asking about this issue.