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Securom FAQ Updated, Big BS

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    evlncrn8 I am trying to see where Sblade is supposed to be disclosing anything.

    OK so some of this information is not available to the General Public as of yet, but do you really think the case is so weak to rely on that basic information.

    Come on dude, let's be serious here.

    You know Sblades standpoint on this, You know mine. So where do you stand?

    As in what is your vested interest in trying to prove the case for Sony?

    If there is no vested interest, then what exactly is your point in this argument that you are trying to incite.

    No offence but several times now, you have come forward with comments that seem like.

    'Tell me your case or I will throw my toys out of the stroller'.

    The same applies to you, as you keep presenting to Sblade, show solid evidence that your counter arguments are correct.

    Sblade has a very obvious and legitimate reason for not going into detail on certain things (Legal requirements). So what is your reason for not supporting your arguments with factual content for peer review?


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      i have no interest in defending anyone, and from what i saw the lawsuit was against ea for using drm, not against sony.. or is there some other lawsuit?

      as i said before, my only issue is the misinformation that is being put out by him on this forum and various other ones.. thats my argument, im simply asking to see the proof that you are building your theories from because, in my tests i see nothing that even closely matches your results...

      the openscmanager thing for example, its an antidebug check, if he/you actually bothered to debug it, its not a load/stop/whatever driver thing, nor is it ring 0... so that 'information' presented is clearly inaccurate..

      my reason for not pasting my information is quite simply that its my information, i choose what i want to do with it, i did the work, but it seems the information that both of you are pumping out is inaccurate and you haven't even tested / tried to debunk your theories.. like i said, i simply hate misinformation...

      like hmm

      Securom ring-3 smoke screen explained (RUNS AT RING-0) [Archive] - 2K Forums

      those files don't exist on my system, or even on a clean vmware virtual machine, after just installing a securom game and running it... and there's other posts from other people saying the same thing....

      so, my main issue is.. that it appears you guys didn't really do your research properly and are spreading misinformation, no other ulterior or secret motive... i know the protections, pretty much all of them, i've debugged them, i've cracked them in the past.. and nothing you've posted so far matches up
      my views are 100% personal views..


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        We do not participate in this whole discussion, as we do not
        think that here is a win-win situation for the commenting parties
        nor securom.

        With all respect, please stick to FACTS that you can write down
        and show everyone before make such claims - at least here
        at our forum. It's total different if you dislike Securom or love
        it OR to write informations that are not based on facts.

        What concerns evlncrn8, rest assured that this guy knows what
        he wrote, even if you dislike it.

        The same is valid for us. We know what we're doing. And we
        also know what doesnt work.

        I know that this statement annoys some of you, while others
        take it for what it is: we do not disclose here anything, not
        our propertys nor others (it isnt even allowed in specific details anyway). We run this here on a professional level.

        Apart from this: when it comes to severe system-damaging,
        security-risks etc. you can inform Securoms guys directly,
        they surely appreciate it.

        There is one simple fact though, DT in stealth mode could bypass SecuROM (offline usage) with very little effort on the part of the DT Team. If it only did as claimed.
        You are entitled to write better vdrive-system of course.
        Every now and then some guy here want to tell us that he
        can give us lessons it seems - much appreciated. Please
        write complete life career and some samples of your knowledge
        (development examples, codework, ring0-experiences etc)
        We're waiting for your solicitation.

        PS: This is not some advertising message board here