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EXT MPEG2 SEGMENT SVCD ring any bells?

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  • EXT MPEG2 SEGMENT SVCD ring any bells?

    Above are the names the four top-level directories under my mounted .bin image.
    MPEG2 contains an mpeg "AVSEQ01.MPG" but it won't play :cry: .
    I have a variety of players, and up to date codecs. G-spot doesn't tell me it's corrupted, just that it's a RIFF/CDXA mpeg.

    Opening it up in a text editor gives the following first few characters (without the quotation marks):

    "RIFF_/CDXAfmt  UXA dataр_/ яяяяяяяяяя"

    Any ideas as to why it won't play other than it's simply a corrupt mpeg file? :|

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    I asked this question in the eMule forum too and got some answers there, so I thought I'd post the link :wink:


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      Because it's not a "real" mpeg file readable like any other file on the cd structure. SVCD disks contains n+1 tracks where n is the number of a/v tracks. The AVSEQxx.mpg "files" are only shortcuts to the data stored on the second, third, fourth, ... tracks of data.

      To read a SVCD disk, you need a compatible CD-reader (most recent hardware will be compatible);
      and a software capable of reading such data. It's not easy to find. Some years ago, I searched for a long time, until I bought PowerDVD XP. This great software is able to read every type of disk.


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        You can also decode the ave...mpeg to a normal mpeg! Search the net for isobuster, open the image in isobuster, change in the directory where the file is in an right click the mpeg, then select extract but only mpeg frames (or something like that). It should work!
        Get FastMount and other tools!


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          Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated