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A question about personal licenses

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  • A question about personal licenses

    Hi, I've used DTlite for ages now and when I saw that they had a personal license which is quite cheap I thought great, it's in my price range. I just want to know if I move to windows 10 from my current 8.1 will I be able to upgrade to DTlite 10 without having to pay again. Why does everything I type on here go inhto one big long line.

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    Hallo, and welcome to the forums !
    The personal license includes lifetime updates - which means you get all successive minor and major updates for free.
    The OS doesn't matter, but it's recommended to uninstall DAEMON Tools lite and the SPTD access layer before performing an OS upgrade.
    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.


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      Thanks, I bought the license any way.