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Poll question; ISO files....What For !!??

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  • Poll question; ISO files....What For !!??

    Seriously, I have bad habit of installing many interesting tools for video and CD use. Then they sit there , and I have no idea why I need them.

    What is the point of having an ISO file , when you can just decrypt , shrink,
    then burn vobs to DVD?

    You can rip and burn CD songs without the ISO step, right? what am I missing??

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    learn to post in the CORRECT forum.
    Beside of that, I don't know what you're talking about? explain your problem
    more detailed!


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      I don't know if I understood your problem, but I think it is the following:

      You're talking about DVD backups and wonder why you should create an image of the DVD as a first step when you can just rip the contents as single files to your hard-drive instead, right?

      Well. An image of the DVD is read-only so you cannot screw it up and thus have to re-rip the whole DVD (which, depending on the DVD drive, may be a lenghty process). Furthermore, any operation you perform on the VOBs will be faster if it's done from HD instead of a DVD-ROM drive.

      Similar reasons apply to ripping Audio CDs.

      Apart from that, it's not the singular purpose of Daemon-Tools to mount CDDA or DVD-Video images so you can process them afterwards. It's merely one out of many ways to use DAEMON Tools.

      Feel free not to perform this step and directly demux the streams from the DVD, and rip your music directly from CDDA to your preferred audio format. But don't complain if you've done anything wrong and have to start over.

      And, what the hell, don't come here to question the necessity of DAEMON Tools if you haven't even bothered to look into just about *any* thread in this forum to see what they can be used for.
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        In addition to what sergei said, I always have my Authoring app output to an ISO file. I check the DVD using Daemon Tools before burning it. I only burn ISO files and I only burn with DVD Decrytper.

        In addition, Daemon Tools is an excellent way to play a PC game without actually having to have the disc in the physical DVD-Rom :wink:


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          Originally Posted by Northcat_8
          In addition, Daemon Tools is an excellent way to play a PC game without actually having to have the disc in the physical DVD-Rom :wink:
          Also a lot faster than having to spin up a CD drive every time a cutscene is needed. Faster access time for the files and overall, a better way to play games.

          Instead of having all the files installed on hard disk, you can do a minimal install and still access the image with (almost) hard disk speeds.

          Also, I can create an ISO with a hacked (or modded) .exe or data file of the game so I can simply install and play the hacked version instead of the original.

          Loads more reasons too.

          As for DVD's, play on your PC without jitter due to faster access speeds, re-author a DVD to have 2 movies on one DVD. I have converted movies to AVI, re-authored them again to have 3 AVI movies (almost 6 hours worth) converted back onto one DVD with little or no visible loss of quality. Terminator, Blade and The Matrix have all been done this way by me. I am only waiting to buy Harry Potter3 and LOTR3 on DVD to do it to these trilogies also.
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