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Cannot download ANYTHING, + Desktop icon problems

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  • Cannot download ANYTHING, + Desktop icon problems

    I am presently having problems downloading anything at all, i.e. software, songs etc.
    It seems as if it's about to start downloading but then the `File Download` box stays blank until I eventually click on `X` to close the box. But then I lose the site completely and am back to my Desktop.

    Secondly, all the icons on my desktop are bordered in grey, although I can access them OK. I can also browse the web OK.

    I've un-installed my `Google Toolbar`, `Ad-Aware` etc, just in case they were blocking me from any downloads. But this hasn't made any difference. (Now I can't get them back, as I can't download).

    Have I maybe selected something by mistake (by ticking the wrong box somewhere) which prevents downloads?

    This all started around 2 weeks ago. I've basically always run the same programs, and opened the same sites and don't think I've downloaded something which may have caused this.

    I'm running Windows XP, with Service Pack 2 installed.
    I would greatly appreciate any help / advice on this problem - before my `size 8` tries to solve it all. :evil: