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htpc and movies on hard drive or network drive

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  • htpc and movies on hard drive or network drive

    I am really new to the HTPC world and using images for movies. I was referred to Daemon Tools when I set up my son's computer to play games.
    I recently downloaded the daemon tools and am using it to create the virtual drive for my son's computer games. No more need to change out disks! I like it a lot!

    I just finished putting together an ASUS Digimatrix and plan to use it in our tv room to watch movies, tv, raio, etc. I was motived to purchase and built this machine after my son successfully ruined several of his DVD's. I decided it would be best to put these movies on a computer and run the movie from the computer instead of from the DVD. This way we store the DVD in a safe place and don't have to worry about it getting ruined.

    I currntly have 100GB of space for the DVD's but ultimately want to put them on my server. This way we can access the movies from any computer in the house and play them. (finally will be able to free up the tv room for adult programming).
    I can copy the DVD to the HD or create an ISO image for storage. My question is how to run this from a network drive, if possible. Do I have to create a mount for every movie or can I set up one generic icon that can be launched? My guess is I need a shortcut for each one.
    Where it gets tricky is how to have a video library with something like the ASUS Home Theatre or MS Media Center. Is that possible using ISO images and DAEMON tools?

    I am open to suggestions. I am looking for a simplified method that will not be too hard for my wife to use the system. Thanks for your help.