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Is There Any Free PHP Mysql webhosts?

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  • Is There Any Free PHP Mysql webhosts?

    I'm Trying to find a free host for my Website and a Gaming Forums, and was wondering if there is any free php, and mysql webhosts out there? I don't care whether or not I have to place an ad or two on my website, or if they have downtime, I just don't have the money, and I was hosting my site and forums on my own PC till about 3 months ago, when I moved and was forced to switch to dial-up, not to mention I don't have a credit card or a banking account, because I don't have a Job. Thanks in advance if anyone can point me towards a free php, mysql webhosts.

    BTW Does anyone here visit forums a.k.a. forums dedicated to emulating ps2, and other popular consoles, I tried going on thier forums, but I get an error in my web browser that there seems to be a problem with the database, and an email has been dispached to the technical staff. That's why I had to post here to ask this.
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    I have searched for such services in the past for our TMG, but, unfortunately, did not found any. Instead, you can use plenty of free services which provide specific things, such as forums, comment solutions etc.

    Forums, with ads (mainly Google text ads): (phpBB and Invision boards) (Invision boards)

    Comment service:


    The Boardzombie's website.