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Thread: Does ROSETTA Stone beat Daemon Tools ?

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    Rotes Gesicht Does ROSETTA Stone beat Daemon Tools ?

    ROSETTA Stone has two disk. One is applications,another is language CD.

    I made two ISO files use WinISO base on the two CDs. Then mount the first applications cd to install. Unmount it and mount language cd to run.

    But,the software said Cannot locate the CD-ROM, please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application.

    ROSETTA Stone version is
    Daemon Tools Version is 4.03HE.

    Thanks for solution.

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    You kidding? ISOs with WinISO - what a surprise it does not work.
    Use some software able to create images of protected cds (Alcohol or Blindwrite recommended).
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    Is it a game..??

    Then use sd4hide.exe...:wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha^
    Is it a game..??

    Then use sd4hide.exe...:wink:
    At first, use the A-RAy scanner and scan the disc.
    When you now which it is, use Alcohol and the right profile.
    SD4Hide won't run with abnother protection than sd4.
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    Copytrooper, sorry for surprise you I just a newbie for DT.

    "ISOs with WinISO - what a surprise it does not work."

    I can not understand..

    So can you tell me the right way to a normal CD(No protection) by using DT ?

    Sasha^, not a game, it's a language study tool. I don't know the sd4hide.exe either, what does it do ?

    vatras90, thank you. Is that so difficult to simulate a CD drive especially use DT ?

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    Are you sure the game disc is unprotected? Please do as vatras90 suggested and scan the disc with A-Ray.

    If the disc is not protected, an image in ISO format will probably be fine, but if it is protected by any copy protection, the program will likely not run from an ISO. Hence the suggestion to use Alcohol 120% to create an image in MDS format, which should work fine.
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    Thank you NetSoerfer. Not game disk, it's a language study disk.
    What I replied to Copytrooper was that I want to know if I'm wrong with that steps on no-protection disk(Using WinISO).

    And I already scanned the disk by using A-Ray scanner and ClonyXXL. Both indicated Safedisk 2/3(2.9). Thanks again.

    Then I used Alcohol 120% to make ISO with right profile.

    But I can only make one disk to ISO.The language CD cannot be copied. Alcohol always said "read error on 3721..3746...4161...4181.."

    Sorry for bothering you.

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    Dont make an ISO File. Make a *mds/*mdf image using Alcohol 120%. Turn in Alcohol SafeDisk 2/3 profile on and make a proper image of the CDs. Now Alc should make an Image with fast read error jumpinmg that should make it faster. Then try again to play/use the image in DT with SD4Hide.exe.

    When you make an image of a unprotected CD/DVD then the format ISO is okay. When the CD/DVD has any CopyProtection on it its recommend to make an Image with Alcohol 120% in *mds/*mdf format.
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    The errors you're getting with Alcohol are normal, they are part of the protection...
    Just let alcohol make the image, which will take a long time...
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    Thank you sir.

    I have tired copy it use CloneCD. When chosen Data CD in the option, CloneCD repeats the disk read error msg. But if I chosen Protected CD option, CloneCD seems starting the copy but very slow. Because of time limit I cancelled the process.

    I will do that tomorrow use this two ways and will respond here.

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