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Thread: Prince 3 loading screen crash

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    Default Prince 3 loading screen crash

    i have prince perisa 3.intalled deamen tools 4.00. installed game. geve cdkey. game startes. ubisoft logo and loading screen. on the loading screen the game crashes back rto windows Xp Desktop. dont know whta happens. usin AMD 64 2800+, i Gb Ram. Geforce 5900. Driver 78.01 which is mentioned in the readme file of POP T2t. i have Virtual drive 5 installed for other games and dflms. Alcohol 120 + Antiblax for NFS most Wnated. thats it. no other crazy stuff. but the game doesnot go further than loading screen. what should i do.

    Note: i have not disconnected any Ide drives cause the game starts normally upto the loading screen. if ide required removel then game wud not have started ata all

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    try unplugging ur IDEs...
    or check ur temp of gfx card or mobo or cpu.

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    Try updating to the latest version of Daemon Tools - 4.03
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