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If you disagree, maybe you should discuss it with other Swedes and see what they think. When I did the Norwegian translation, I was also in disagreement with myself whether I should just simply call an image "imagefil". But I ended up using the same wording that tim-international has used - "montere" for "mount" and "avbildning" for "image". It takes some time getting used to new words, though. Most of us (Scandinavians) probably just call an image "image" also in our native languages.

I am of course open to suggestions if they are mentioned to me. Noticed in for example Alcohol the swedish trasnlation inst using avbild anymore it have been changed to image so i assumed the most people prefered using the word image instead since it got changed. But anyway didnt mean to sound like i am a selfish person who cant take critisism. Just wanted to say that i dont think the translation was terrible. But will indeed listen to the opinion.