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Thread: crysis tried all i can

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    Default crysis tried all i can

    hi everybody,

    i've read quiet alot since yesterday night trying to get crysis to work without a dvd. Anyhow i've got the version of cyrsis that comes free with evga 8800gts, i am running windows vista business 64 bit.

    i've done the following.

    1. burned the image with nero express essentials as an .nrg, i can't specify .iso for some reason.
    2. downloaded and installed daemon4112-lite.
    3. downloaded and installed YASU_1-4-7080, followed the instructions in the readme file.
    4. started yasu. as can be its working.

    5. mounted the .nrg cyrsis file.
    6. then i get the following, please insert the original cyrsis dvd not the back (1000).

    Really annoying that i can play it with the original dvd but not with an iso, i can't be asked getting up and putting in the dvd everytime i want to play a game and i could waste the dvd any time so i dont want to purchase it again.

    thanks so much for the help

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    iso, nrg won't work - such image file formats don't contain required protection data. You have to use a software creating appropriate image files (e.g. Daemon Tools Pro).
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    Yup as Copytrooper said, iso and nrg don't contain copy protection data therefore those formats won't work.

    Programs like Alcohol, Blindwrite, CloneCD and Daemon Tools Pro are a must if you want to make a backup of copy protected CD/DVD games.

    You'll have to remake your image with either of the programs mentioned above using DPM.

    If you can't afford to purchase a license for these, you can use the free edition of Alcohol 52% or Daemon Tools Pro Basic Edition to create your images.
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    is there a discount for students for Daemon Tools Pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Copytrooper View Post
    You have to use a software creating appropriate image files (e.g. Daemon Tools Pro).

    what file formats do the images need to be in to have the right copy protection data?

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    mdf / mds - Daemon Tools Pro or Alcohol 120% / 52%
    b6t / b6i - Blindwrite
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