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Thread: Need for speed underground

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    Default Need for speed underground

    Hello everyone!
    I recently made a backup of NFSU using Alcohol 120%. When I try installing the game off the backup CD's, I get an error copying file..I can install it just fine off my original CD's but I want to be able to install it off my backup CD's as well. I was wondering if using Daemon tools to mount the image will work.

    Edit: I tried to make the backups again and I get the same problem.

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    NFSU is protected by SafeDisk 2.9.
    Create an image with alcohol120%, than try to mount this image and
    install from it. If this doesn't work, please activate "Read Subchannel",
    when you create your image.
    If image works well, and your backup of this image still doesn't work,
    than it is possible that your writer isn't capable of
    writing SafeDisc2.9 correct. Try "SafeDisc2/3"-Profile (at least activate

    Which writer do you use? Also, you can have a look here and test your

    Good Luck!

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    I have an LG CDRW 48x24x48.

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    I couldn't find any usefull information on the LG-Drive.

    Please perform the test, so we know exactly your writer is able or not
    to write SafeDisc 2.9 correct.

    Did you test the image in virtual drive? Does it install? We need more


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