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Thread: Vista64 Drive missing

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    Default Vista64 Drive missing

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64 and i installed DT 4.30.1
    I see no virtual drives in Computer.. but even worse than that is that i can't see my dvd-writer either.

    In device manager it says it can't install the drivers for SCSI CdRom (this is the daemon tools drive) neither can it install the drivers for my own drive.

    System restore didn't work, and changing some registry values also didn't work. I uninstalled SPTD, reinstalled it, it didn't work. I uninstalled then reinstalled daemon tools, didn't work.

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    And when you set the driver path to %windir%\inf?

    Have you also tried to delete Upper/Lower filters?
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    i tried that too, still nothing, i mean it finds the driver but it has a yellow mark in device manager

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    I know this was said already but it sounds like you need to tell windows to use cdrom.inf
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