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Thread: hard Drive image Need help

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    Default hard Drive image Need help

    For one time I acted smartly and done a backup of my main 70go disk with imagemaker 1.1....On this partition are
    1 WinXP partition
    2 Swap linux partition 3
    3 Linux partition
    4 Hp recovery partition...

    But being sure that I backed up all my data...I've done some stupid mistake and messed up all my disk....
    I ve tried to restore this image to another disk with ImageMaker but when i reboot the disk is not visible....and PartionMagic shows my disk as "unpationned"...

    Deamon mount it without errors....but I cannot enter it .......

    So please Help me ....i need at least to "explore" this image (c.img) to recover my photos and music....

    Thank you....

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    DAEMON Tools only supports CD/DVD/HD DVD/BluRay images - no hdd images (at least so far as i know, but i will ask some dev - so stay tuned).
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    Thank you for your fast reply.
    I posted my question here because the help link of ImageMaker 1.1 links to this forum...and I have no idea where to find help elsewhere...


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