The links to Daemonscript are gone now. I have used this wonderful tool to setup several "childproof" computers. It was great because I could lock down the desktop and have the icons that launched the particular game. The games I install typically do not have any protection, so Daemon Tools 3.47 works just fine.

I am re-doing my kids computer and I have a copy of DT 3.47 saved on my computer but alas, no Daemonscript. I scoured the internet but have not found anything other than links that point back to here.

I hate to beg but I do not know of another way to accomplish what I trying to do.

If you can help, please PM me and I will respond with an email address to send to. I am not sure what version works with DT 3.47 but I believe that 1.54 works and from what I can tell from another post 1.62 will work as well.

Any help is much appreciated. I have about 40 scripts written and would like to use them again.