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Thread: DaemonScript Clone Anyone Interested

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    2shared - download ScripterNite v2.4.7z


    added change icon dialog (also adds shell32.dll to the 'Icon Path' list)

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    Hi, I'm very interested, but can't seem to get it to work on Windows 7 x64. Maybe because the program path is "C:\Program Files (x86)"\ instead of "C:\Program Files\"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdog660 View Post
    Hi, I'm very interested, but can't seem to get it to work on Windows 7 x64. Maybe because the program path is "C:\Program Files (x86)"\ instead of "C:\Program Files\"?

    never tested on windows7 but have you tried it without the installer let me know where the problem is and ill try fix it for you

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    Sorry for the late post. Tested on Windows 7 x86, and all works well. Will manually install on Win 7 x64 tomorrow. Im now 99% sure the regular installer "setup.exe" does not recognize 64 bit machines.

    A updated installer or correction in the install script should fix this problem, but let me verify it first.


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    Daumen hoch

    Okay, here is the deal with Windows Vista x64 (I assume) and with Windows 7 x64 (my o.s.):

    To get this to work, I needed to create a ScripterNite directory under

    C:\Program Files (x86)
    and then manually unzip ScripterNite (SN) to

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ScripterNite
    Now if you just do that, and try to run a SN script, you will get the following error:

    The virtual drive you have choosen does not exist! Exiting script.
    To avoid this error, you must first click Options in SN, click Dameon Tools Pro or Lite (which ever you have), and change the path from C:\Program Files\... to C:\Program Files (x86)\...

    Now try running your script, and everthing should be fine. I'm sure if the author of this fine tool were to use an install routine than recognizes x64 operating systems, this will become a non-issue.

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    thought i would let yous know a little early i finally got round to updating scripternite (v3.0) so check back here within the next couple of weeks if im not to lazy that is

    ok it should now recognise virtual drives on x64 systems
    as long as you install dtlite, dtpro or alcohol 120 to their default directory (if not you'll have to make changes in the 'Options' form

    memory usage should be better

    also stuck the splashscreen on a second thread even tho most of u would disable it (kids would probably like it as there games are starting)

    another thing i never really thought about was the splashscreen puttin the scares up people when they first start scripternite (looks like a pretty nasty virus dont u think) lol. The SplashScreen that is!


    ps. you should be able to unzip scripternite to any directory windows will let you and it will run fine doesn't have to be in 'Program Files'

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    does anybody know if 'Disable AutoRun' works in vista????
    if not uncheck it in "Options' and hold the left shift key down while mounting images, should temporarly disable autorun


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    Default Re: DaemonScript Clone Anyone Interested

    Here is another DaemonScript alternative: DaemonRunner


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    ok its neally done heres a few changes

    moved all the virtual drive option into mount and unmount (more practical)

    if you use daemontools pro or lite it will automatically add virtual drives if they dont already exist,if you use alcohol 120 youll have to add drives manually.

    so now you can use multiple virtual drives all from 1 script!
    why you would i wouldnt know but im sure some1 might find it handy for something

    moved devicecount into unmount so you can remove automatically added virtual drives as u like.

    some pics attached

    going to add kill process tab and a beep tab so you could set a delay of say an hour then have the computer beep at a set interval to let the kids know to save there games cause it about to end'

    heaps more

    any ways thats enough typin from me


    p.s sorry but there is one bad point you are going to have to recreate your scripts (i should be able to promise it will be the last time youll have to recreate scripts due to new versions of scripternite)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MountTab.jpg   UnMountTab.jpg  

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    few other changes:

    added balloon tips as the scripts are running (can be disabled but not recommended for beginners)

    adding process priority option for runapp

    allow multiple instances to run at the same time

    removed disable autorun from options (its now selected from 'mount'

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