Dear Community,

obviously I'm a little late for the new newsupdate, but please keep in mind
that I'm only human (although you may think this is not the case by a look
to my nickname).

As we already informed you of the important things in the last news, I want
to keep you informed of several important updates:

the next V4 / DT Pro will NOT support Windows 98/me - we decided for
technical and support-reasons to drop those OS wich are not based on
WIN NT kernel.

The beta-tests starts in ~2 weeks, therefore you can imagine that release of
V4 is not that far away anymore.

Because we are now much closer to release-date, the next news will be
posted when we announce the release (except there is some important
and not foreseeable drawback)

a nice weekend to all of you

btw, some nice postings about the news-update, I even found a little poem
in the german section about DAEMON Tools