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Thread: Translations Of Daemon Tools ! Read Inside !

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    Added. Thanks.

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    Default Translation

    I mailed a Finnish translation of D-Tools to locutus couple of weeks ago but I haven't got an answer yet. Should I send it again or what?

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    Unfortunately, I've never received an email from you. Whenever you send
    important data, you should add the line "Please respond immediately
    to verify you've received my message", especially if attachment is added.
    We receive so many emails/day that we must use different scanners and
    filters, so it's possible sometimes an important email (and especially attachments) are "caught" by our MTA and we never receive it.

    But I really appreciate it that you translated DT to finnish. Unfortunately, there's a finnish translation already now. Please email me
    (without attachment)

    your work should not be unhonored

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    Default The Finnish translation

    Dang, I just noticed that you asked it without the attachment... I sent it with the attachment... :oops:

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    and again, I've received NOTHING :mrgreen:

    Please send me a private message here on our portal and tell me
    exact date/time you send your email to me. It's possible that you're infected by a virus and mail was deleted - it's also possible that your ISP and our ISP don't like much each other :mrgreen:

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    Default Romanian translation

    Ok im a D-Tools fan and user from romania .
    I want to help u guys making a romanian translation of it.
    How do i do it ??
    I was thinking that you send me all the dialogues and texts used in DT in english and i sent a file with the romanian translations

    I also mailed Locutus when i posted this message

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    Because you are working on version 4 of Deamon-tools, i wondered if there are new translations neccesary. If yes, then please release a translator dll wich contains all the strings of DT4.

    Greetings Chris.

    P.S. I am using this for about 3 years now and it is GREAT

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    Default I have just sent you the greek translation

    I have just completed and sent the greek translation of DT v3.47

    For all the greeks out there that want a more localised feature

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    send your translation to

    use only .rar-archive as attachment, everything else is blocked by
    our filters!

    thank you

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    Default Norwegian language pack for D-Tools 3.47

    Download link:

    Nice huh!!

    Language pack written by Saivert.

    Regarding making language packs:

    Just use Resource Hacker to modify the English language DLL (1033.dll) and save as a new file (e.g 1044.dll for Norwegian). Consult Microsoft's Windows Programmer documentation for the proper language codes.

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